Introducing The Jubilee Chamber Ensembles

Nov 18, 2010 10:05 PM EST

New York - The Jubilee Chamber Ensembles is a new ministry initiative in Jubilee New York. Forming these ensembles, Jubilee New York hopes to draw more musicians together and form many groups to fill the city with classical music for God's glory. 

"We wish to create more platforms for musicians in the city to serve God. Between The Jubilee Symphony Orchestra (JSO) and The Jubilee Chambers Ensembles (JCE), musicians can participate in larger events as well as smaller events. It will be much simpler to gather 4 musicians together at one time verses gathering over 30 musicians together. Both ministries are very valuable and each have their unique purpose. We believe that the JCE will open the door for many more musicians to join our movement to cover the earth with His praise!" explains Miriam Chou from Jubilee New York.

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