Jubilee Worship Night Debuts All-Original Songs with Orchestra, Band, Gives Highest Praise to God

Aug 17, 2018 05:12 PM EDT

jubilee orchestra

Jubilee Worship Night of Olivet Assembly Summer Retreat concluded in the great grace of God. More than 40 musicians performed and sang onstage. Jubilee Orchestra and Jubilee Worship band united in debuting Jubilee's all-time favorite songs as well as new compositions. The audience praised the Lord together with Jubilee musicians. 

Worship night featured 5 Jubilee original song with all-new band and string arrangements, written by P. Brian Kim-"Do You Know the Meaning of the Cross," "Look At Us," " Only the Cross," "Cross Till Glory," and "The Rest." Jubilee Orchestra traveled from New York City to cowork with Jubilee Worship. In addition, 24 choir members from Dover offered their voices to God with passion, under the guidance of Dorothy Li and P.Aria. Classical and jazz arrangements of Jubilee songs added new layers of God's grace and worshipful expressions to Him in the Immanuel Chapel.

All glory to God for uniting His people with His praises. Most importantly, may His name and the knowledge of the Lord be spread through all forms of artistic expressions. May the Gospel reach the ends of the earth by His grace, opens up more ways for people to praise Him, through the service of Jubilee Worship.   

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