Cross & Resurrection: A Successful Concert

Apr 29, 2009 09:26 PM EDT


Cross & Resurrection: A Successful Concert
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The Jubilee Chorus and the Jubilee Symphony Orchestra, directed by Virginia Hart Pike and Stephen P Brown (respectively), performed a classical concert entitled Cross & Resurrection at Calvary Church on Saturday April 25th.

The program included "Masques et Bergamasques" by Faure, Ave Verum Corpus by Mozart, Crucifixus by Bach, Pastorale d'ete by Honegger and Excerpts from Five Mystical Songs by Vaughan Williams. Special guest Kamel Boutros (former Metropolitan Opera soloist, and music director of Calvary Church) was the soloist. The chorus and orchestra also premiered "Holy Trinity Sunday, 2004", composed by Ms. Pike.

The concert was well received by the audience of nearly 300, with loud applause and a standing ovation at the end. The church was filled with people, music, and most importantly the spirit of God. It's not easy to hold a event in New York, with competing venues and events on any given night, but this event was set apart. It was set apart as worship to the Lord.

"I was extremely encouraged by the hard work of artistic directors, musicians, singers, and volunteers in making this event possible. Most importantly, we all know that God was glorified, and that continues to be our goal. We are planning more concerts throughout the year in order that the glory of God may cover this city as the waters cover the sea," said Chris Chou, director of Jubilee Missions New York and violinist in the Jubilee Symphony Orchestra.



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