Young People's Concert

Many people are first exposed to orchestral music experience in a Youth concert, such as the Jubilee Orchestra's Young People's Concerts. These are designed for children between the age of 6-12 and their families. Bring your children for rich experience of orchestral music and its harmony with praises. The Young People's Concerts are some of the most popular concerts of the year, so make sure to plan ahead and reserve early.


Highly distinguished members of the Jubilee Orchestra offer private and group lessons to desired students. These selected members are highly accomplished musicians with strong Christian background, instructing the students musically in accordance with the Gospel. The instructors will help the students in improving their technique and musicianship, and will also give spiritual guidance. For the list of instructors and their profiles, please email us at

Christian Community Programs

Jubilee Orchestra contributes a significant role in the Christian community. As an organization spreading the Gospel of Christ through instrumental music, the Jubilee Orchestra offers diverse resources to churches and Christian organizations to improve the musical aspect of their community. The Jubilee Orchestra frequently holds seminars, provides educational materials, gives tips on church music, and more. For more information, please contact

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